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sounds for a game like streetfighter

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can someone recommend some sounds for a game like streetfighter?

i'm thinking of three main types:




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A simple way to figure out what sounds would be appropriate is to play some fighters -- or just look up videos of them on YouTube -- and make a list of the different sounds they use; looking up Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat,Tekken, and any other fighter that interests you should give you plenty of ideas.

You could also try looking for videos of real fights (martial arts tournaments perhaps?) and seeing what sounds real people make whilst fighting. Fight scenes from movies should also have plenty of ideas.

If you're looking for sources for those sounds, your options are essentially:

  1. Record them yourself. I don't know a lot about this personally, but the basics involve getting yourself some decent recording equipment (perhaps someone else can recommend what that might be?), capturing your sounds (preferably without background noise or interference) whether these be the actual sound or just something else that sounds good as the effect when recorded (you might record hitting a steak with a mallet for a nice squishy punch hitting for example), and then using software to clean them up and convert to a format that you can use in your game.
  2. Have someone else record your sounds for you. They would handle all of the work involved in the above step and give you files in a usable format in exchange for a fee -- the exact terms would depend on what you needed as well as who you were working with.
  3. You could licence royalty free sounds. Searching AudioJungle for "fighting" turns up plenty of options (Game Fighting Pack 001 for example) at affordable prices, as does searching SoundSnap ("Fighting punch to stomach 1" and "Scream 01 PiSh 03" for example). There are plenty of similar collections out there you could investigate, and you'd probably turn up more results on those two searching with different terms as well.
  4. Look for free sounds. You can sometimes get ok results if you don't need too many sounds and they aren't anything unusual, but it can be a lot more work to find good quality sounds that meet your needs, and you need to be careful that the sounds are really free and not ripped, and are either in the public domain or have a licence that allows for your needs -- proceed with care if you decide to try this.

Hope that helps! smile.png

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