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my Facebook MMORPG

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you must be logged in to facebook in order to connect. http://apps.facebook.com/blockrage/
the thing is 90% done, levels and 3-4 functions are still not implemented smile.png
i'm open to any ideas, feel free to spam me, any time, without permission.

so 4 months ago i started working on my own mmorpg for facebook, as i have alot of experience in
server<->client network programming, i managed to create something very massive but,
the thing is i don't have time nor the money to finish the game, i'm using royalty-free sprites for now,

so here is some pretty basic information just in case you are interested:
OS: Linux; requirements: approx 24 cpu cores (1 or 2 cpus) and 16 gb RAM for 10 000 players online;
net: at 100% load (all the players moving actively) that would be like 8mb/s at most.
technology: epoll/multithreaded non-blocking sockets.
DB: mysql5;
Threads: asynchronous, non-blocking sockets with epoll, you can specify how many threads to run to optimize packets processing
(i guess not more than 10ms lag at 100% load with 96 threads on 24 cores processor.

ActionScript 3, map: 2000*2000 tiles, each tile is 60 pixels.
idea: not too certain yet, but for now, just like any other mmorpg, a chat, building objects, walking around, facebook login/names.
yet all of it took alot of time to build in order to minimize lags and optimize the flash code,
everything now works smoothly on flash player 9 and up.
due to the fact flash does not support multithreading, i had to implement some pretty genius code in order to make everything lagless.

From Russia with Love.

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