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Slide Them Boxes (2d puzzle-game)

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Hi guys and gals smile.png

I wanted to let you know, that I just completed a game. It uses SFML for graphics and sound, and a little bit of libcurl. It took me bit longer than expected but that's sadly how it usually goes. But I'm very proud of this and really hope you enjoy it.

What's it about?

Well, it's kind of an old-school puzzle-game, where you control this little character on screen and he can push or pull colorful boxes. These boxes have to be moved onto a tile of the same color. Do so for all boxes and you complete the level. Sounds simple? Oh, no, not at all. As with games this kind, the further you get, the more difficult levels become. And you'd want to complete the level in as few moves as possible, for the sake of showing off your skill smile.png

What does it look like?

In a nutshell, like this (click on the thumbnail to see full-size):




Where can I get it?

You can freely get it for Windows and Mac here

What else have you done or what are you working on?

I have a small website, that contains all my past and future projects. You can take a look at it here

That's it I think. Please try it out and let me know what you think smile.png

Thanks and all the best,

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I haven't gotten any response here, which is sad actually because I'm really happy and proud of the end-result and thought others would enjoy it too, but I'll update this topic anyways. Because I just finished up ...

Version 1.1

+ Small fixes here and there
+ Got rid of the level password system and replaced it with more traditional level selection screen
+ Internal re-write to ease adding more level-packs in the future
+ 2 new levels, total of 32 now!
+ Native Win/Mac start-up window, where you can choose to play the game or check for updates and download them.
+ Installers for both Windows and Mac. It was interesting, I hadn't really messed with installer scripts and such before.

Not much changes visually. You don't mess with perfection ;)

Downloads and other information

I hope you all enjoy it!

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please let me know.

Take care.

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