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Tomer Aberbach

Spaceship Sprites (Feedback)

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jbadams    25676
They're more interesting than the ones you posted in [url=""]your other recent topic[/url], but I think they could still use some more work.

You've added more detail than the originals, but I think they could still use more; have you tried using reference images to get ideas for other bits and pieces or little details you could add to create a more interesting image? Have a look at all the little details on the images in[url=""] this topic[/url] or do a Google image search for other air planes or space ships to get ideas from. You could add little exhaust points, weapon mounts, access panels, insignia, or any number of small details.

Again, looking at our reference images from [url=""]that other topic[/url], you can see that the images have more shape to them, whilst yours seem very flat -- you can achieve this by learning to apply [url=""]shading[/url] to your images.

Big improvement over the previous iteration -- looking forward to seeing what you can do next!

I hope you find these suggestions helpful! [img][/img]

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menyo    972
The thing that bothers me the most is that the hull is just one piece. Try to add some detail as to where the cockpit is and where the wings are. The scifi pattern image over it makes no real sense and should probably be avoided at this scale. try to shade it a little.

Try to indent 1 pixel behind the cockpit and/or make a curving shade behind it to make it look like it's further away from the camera. Same goes for the wings. Try to avoid pillow shading but pick a light source and go from there. Also avoid using to dark colors, and when creating a darker color increase saturation while creating lighter colors decrease saturation. For real pro tips, and if your luck some draw overs, go to [url=""][/url].

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