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Tire model curve shape

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Hi everyone.
I have a doubt about the tire curves that circulate on the web (eg, marco monster tutorial etc.).

For the longitudinal, the curve show that it peak about 0.1 and give about half of the power after 0.3 slip;

For example, a tire that give 5000N of force at its peak, will go down to 2500-3000N if the slip is superior to 0.3 or 2.0.
But it looks like the force never go under this value even if the slip ratio increase drastically.

After viewing a lot of youtube video about car burning from standstill we can clearly see that sometimes the speed is very close to 0 because the wheels are spinning a lot!

That make me think that the returned force from tire friction relative to ground can be very low (close to 0) in extreme case.

Does anyone noticed that ?
I may be wrong because i never did any burnout myself so i don't know if the guy had his foot on the brake, that would explain the low speed...

Best regards.

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