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Collision Detection

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Hey, Ive been trying to make the collision detection outlined here: [url=""]http://www.geometric...onDetection.pdf[/url]
work in my program. Code for which is here:[url=""][/url]

The problem so far as I can tell, is that for any test where L is the cross product of two axis, reference the table on page 7 of the pdf, if those two axis are the same, L = 0, so then R (R = L dot D) is also 0, as will be R0 and R1. The non-intersection test is R > R0 + R1. Clearly this cant be right, and I am unsure of what I am doing wrong, or if the pdf is just wrong?

Dont be scared off by "page 7" this really is not that complicated of a problem (I think).

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