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Game Producers and Audio talk at GDC

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Hi GameDevNet group.

I've been asked by GDC to do a 30 minute audio talk at the "Game Producer Boot Camp."
Boot camp is a sort of 101-level, all day session for those who want to learn the nuts and bolts of game production.

So it's a great chance to get some info out to game producers about the biggest things they need to know about audio when producing their video game.

If anyone has any horror stories, "you have to mention this" topics, or other things you think I should make sure to bring up, let me know... Think "production"-- this isn't a Game Audio masterclass in 30 minutes, but rather a talk about what things a producer might need to know in order to make sure that audio in their game goes smoothly and comes out with great quality

30 minutes is pretty tight to cover videogame music, video game sound design, VO, etc..


p.s.. Boot camp is 8 hours; so doing the math, 30 minutes means that they've allocated 6.25% of their time to discuss audio...why is that no matter what it is (CPU, Memory, Disk---or talk time) we always come in around 5-7%!!

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I needed just simple folksy tunes for one of my games (I was designer and producer). I instructed the composer that I didn't want any key changes or complicated bridges - a simple catchy verse-and-chorus was all I wanted. He kept delivering songs with key changes and fancy bridges. Lots of his tunes got rejected. After a lot of that, though, we finally had enough tunes for the game. I guess there's no lesson for producers there - just one for the composer, "listen to what the producer says he wants."

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