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XMMatrixMultiply exception

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I'm getting an exception when this third statement is executed, I knew this since I was tracing the code using the breakpoints..

XMMATRIX view=XMMatrixIdentity();
XMMATRIX projection=XMMatrixOrthographicOffCenterLH(0.0f,screenWidth,0.0f,screenHeight,0.1f,100.0f);
vpMatrix=XMMatrixMultiply(view, projection);

this (vpMatrix=XMMatrixMultiply(view, projection);) is causing the exception, why? and how can I fix this?

I have Win7 32-bit..

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A little hint, I traced the code more and found that the multiplication of the view and projection matrices is going right, the only error is happening when assigning the result
to the (vpMatrix), the part of code traced in withing XNA MATH files and this is it..

r[0] = M.r[0];
r[1] = M.r[1];
r[2] = M.r[2];
r[3] = M.r[3];
return *this;

The exception is happening here (r[0] = M.r[0];)

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