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need some feedback on a new simulator game

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For those hardcore games that know almost or all games out there on each video game system, I have one question for you. What category of games are game systems like ps3 and xbox lacking greatly in? Answer: simulation; and I don't mean war game simulation games like call of duty or Gears of War. I mean a game that greatly resembles modern society/technology, like Flight Simulator. That's where my idea comes in. How would you feel if you were driving super realistic police cars/cars with functions of real life cars? (Ex: wipes, lights, engine start up etc.) My game's name? "Patrol". Yet that name may change due to the fact that the name sounds a bit corny. I have many reasons why I think this game can succeed, but one of those reasons is because it would be one of the only simulator games on the [PSN & XboX market]. This is only a start to the total idea, but it would take up to 3-4 full pages just to describe the (Body) of the games design. But quickly, the basic idea is that your a cadet in the Fairgorge Police Department. You can patrol, get yourself into wild police chases, shoot outs and just be a normal cop. What makes this idea better? It would require a drivers side car interior "addon" to the game system. It would be a police car with a little computer right on the right side of the driver. What would it do? It won't let you do complicated stuff, but it would control lights and sirens of the police car. All in all, if you cut out the drivers seat of a police car, attached a game console, you would [have] this game. So, please tell me any positive or negative things regarding the games story board or its way of being a simulator. Thanks.


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An update:

Important features:
1. A cut out of a driver side police car. It will simulate all the components of a real police car, including a laptop placed next to the seat.
2. A controler cut out in the center of the steering wheel in which you may place the controller when in a car.

In game features:
1. Campaign with 150 unique levels
2. There will be 4 levels of difficulty...(easy medium, hard, a** kicker)
3. Epic multiplayer with 8 different games including,Cops & Robbers, Relax m1ode and Undead Patrol. (Zombies)
4. Like stated in 3, there will be zombies after an infection accurs in Fairgorge City.

Functions of laptop
1: A number pad labeled 1-5 will control lights and the number pad below that labeled 6-10 will control sirens of the police car.
2: A box in the top left part of the laptop will have buttons with abbreviations such as BU (backup) which you would use to call for help if you are in a Wild chase. Another abbreviation is MAR (medic assistance required)
Which would be used for a downed officer or an injured citizen/suspect. The pad will have other abbreviations for different purposes throughout the game.

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When I first started reading this, I was excited but then I realized that I was only excited because my recent experience with cop cars were in Need for Speed games and those were fun because I [i]didn't[/i] have to bother with any of the extra stuff.

I am positive someone would want to play this as people like to play flight simulators but there is an inherited difficulty because flying is not easy at all. I think the biggest difficulty in this game would actually be the real car physics. That also means driving with traffic and that, to me, is very, very boring.

I can imagine the high speed chases being the highlight of the game but then the question of AI comes in. At what point does an AI pull over? What determines if the AI decides to be chased? How will chases end? What about gas? Resources? There are a lot of variables to play with.

Getting a call over the comm to got get someone for drunk driving would be cool.

Like I said, there are aspects that are pretty cool and someone would want to play it but I don't know if it's a game I would want to play. Need a little more convincing. :)

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Good point, I do believe the real car physics would be similar to gta and nfs hot pursuit mixed. Well, it may not be perfect, but that's,not the highlight of the game.
About the AI pulling over and what not, it will be a random pick. I was thinking about 1:20 people will 'decide' not to pull over, and will take off. Every other car will pull over after you are behind them for 5 seconds. Also, about half of those who 'decide' to be chased will have a weapon, for which they will use. Lastly, 1:10 people pulled over will try to escape, attack you, or be drunk
.(or all 3).
As for gas, I was thinking that sedans and cars of that size will have like 22 miles to the gallon, being able to travel 250 or so miles. To fill up, a player just drives up to a gas station and press a designated button that will automaticly refill your car over a time of 15 seconds.
Chases will end with you killing the bad guy due to the fact that the suspect has hurt you or a fellow officer. With the drunk driving things, I was thinking that every 5-10 mins, a random call will come in for a reported drunk driver, a robbery in progress, or other proboems.

There are plenty of other little details that would take ages to type out. If you have another question, just post. Thanks... :)

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If you read the last bullet in my second post, I mentioned a zombies map.
How it would work:
The basic idea is to get more powerful weapons as you go up in levels, as zombies will get more powerful. It's basic the CoD zombies but with different guns, different maps, different zombies and more "tools" you can use to kill zombies.

New features: For $20000, a player can 'buy' a car starting from a crown Victoria to a Hummer police unit, and run zombies over. (1 per 4 players)
Each car will have 1/2 a gallon of gas to use. A refill will give 1 gallon (1 refill only) and costs $10,000. With that, you can travel for 23 miles.
Tho each car is powerful, its not indestructible. There are two ways of blowing up your car. 1: You keep ramming it into walls, causing damage.
2: Each zombie can run at the car to cause damage as well. Tho they cause less damage, each hit adds up. To avoid this, players must hit a zombie in either a foward movement of a backward movement.When a car blows up, the player goes down and must be revived within 35 seconds.

Another cool feature is a helicopter. For free, a player(s) can board a helicopter, ( flys to a designated spot) and the pilot of the copter can buy bombs for $1000 each. When flying threw the air, the Jumping zombie can jump and smash into the heli, causing damage. To avoid this, the pilot may turn the rotor blades to cut the incoming zombies. Well, after the pilot picks up the bombs, he or she can call in an airstrike marker onto an are that the other players may want them to head over to. After doing so, the copter will automatically fly to that area. He or she may drop those bombs with a 200 ft. Radius of that marker.

The matches are not 4 players like in CoD. They are up to 8 player matches.
I have thought of 5 different zombies that will be placed in the game. I won't say the names till I get more feed back on any aspect of the game.
Thanks, Kyle.

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Multiplayer: To enhance the multiplayer experience, I was thinking of some cool "mini games." Each mini game or MATCH will vary in time do to its objectives and amount of players.
Cops and Robbers; each match: 20 mins or till all robbers killed/arrested
Shiner; each match: 10 mins or until all objectives reached
Shootout; each match: 60 mins and no points limit
Team patrol; each match: 25 mins or until all fugitives are killed/captured
Relaxed mode: each match: Infinite: players edit match options and are connected to closest matching game, or starts a new match if non fit options
I'm going to add different matches as I think of them. If you would like a description of any or all of the ones listed above, just ask.

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Ranking for multiplayer:
Start as Cadet (lvl 1)
Cadet I (lvl 2)
Cadet I (lvl 3)
Cadet I (lvl 4)
Cadet II (lvl 1-3)
Deputy Sheriff (lvl 1-6)
Captain (1-25)
Detective (lvl 1-10)
After being a detective, you can give up your rank for $15,000. You will be demoted to Cadet I lvl 1.
Point system....
Depending on the mini game you play, you earn $$ to use for car upgrades and costumes/outfits.

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I have a friend who is good with coding, but he only does 2D coding. Also, he isn't good with animation, but I'm working on 3D animation.
I am looking for someone who is great with 3D coding/animation to make me a quick (30-45 second) video demo to show the basic look of the game. It will be designed to grab the attention of people who work for game producers. It is this person(s) that I will gladly make co-creator of 'Patrol' if the game idea becomes reality. It may seem like a long shot, but with creativity and help from a willing person(s), I believe that this idea can be successful.
You can contact me at (email)
Goldenhart88 (skype)

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You want to create a simulation game but add zombies jumping after helicopters and stuff?
And people most likely wont buy the controllers needed for this game unless it's cheap.

I think this game would be more suitable for computers (if you want the simulation aspect).
Else skip some of the features, instead of a computer to put next to you, press R2 (or similar) to open computer and just choose the call from the menu.
This way the normal controller will do.

I think you're making the game more complex than it has to be. Dont mix arcade and simulation, from the simulation aspect it will be unrealistic, and from the arcade point of view it will have unnecessary complexity.

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I thought about what you said and have edited my plans NOT to include zombies. The arcade isn't in it either. But....the zombies is still a possibility in case we need an extra Punch to the game. I am currently designing a car for the game and its,come out pretty good. I am also crrating a short video demo to advertise the playable demo I will release sometime in 2013.

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