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Unity First person shooter controll script

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How is it done in AAA games, I have just started with Flash Stage3D and I am going to do more in Unity3D later. Is it also done with the use of trigonometry?

- Get the angle along Y axis
- then do something like so:
if (isForward) {
xpos = dist * Math.sin(-cameraPanAngle);
zpos = dist * Math.cos(-cameraPanAngle);

or there is other method it is done with

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I haven't try this approach, as I want to go the right way from the beginning and save myself time and pain of mistakes. This bits of code I posted are from the old project in flash before all 3D even came to it so I think it is not the best way to do it, but it works you can check it out [url=""]HERE[/url].

I just found this other tutorial which is I think much better, so I will go this way. Have a look [url=""]HERE[/url]

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[quote name='IceBreaker23' timestamp='1329585929' post='4914244']
Unity has a pre-written first person controller script. Just include the CharacterController-lib. It works really well.

I know IceBreaker23, I just want to finish what I started in Flash. I am going to move to Unity anyway. I just like AS3 as I have been doing it so long now (not 3D, just 2D) so I want to know both. Unity seems much easier once mastered as It has all this ready to go classes.

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[quote name='tx00824' timestamp='1329538845' post='4914102']
How is it done in AAA games

Some AAA games use something more like (in pseudo script):
Character.Angle =cameraPanAngle

if (isForward)
while (isForward)

if (Character.AnimationDone)
Character.Position = Character.RootNode.Position
Character.Angle = Character.RootNode.Angle
The advantage here being that an animator can determine the foot step bounce, shifts in the camera angle while walking and other subtle effects that scripters and programmers like me barely notice but do make a difference in the AAA quality of the product.

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I like to use direction vectors for my 3D games. 3D games are pretty much just moving a camera around in 3D space. So, the player position is the camera position. The camera will be looking at some target in some direction, so this is your 'look' vector. If the player presses the forward key, then you move the camera in the look vector. I also keep track of the "up" vector, which is usually straight up (0,1,0). If you then do a cross product between the look vector and the up vector, you get an orthagonal side vector (left or right, depending on the order of the vector cross product). So, if the player wants to strafe to the side, you just move them along in the side vector. Vectors can handle yaw, pitch and roll pretty well, so that should take care of your orientations. (reading material: [url=""][/url])

The alternative to vectors is to use quaternions. They still confuse me because my head is stuck in radians and vectors. But, you can read more about them here: [url=""][/url]
They're supposed to be much better than vectors and matricies since they avoid Gimbal Lock. But, since I don't understand them very well, they've been hard for me to use effectively.

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This topic is 2123 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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