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beginners c# program

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marvel_magnum    333
Since we cannot know how far you have learnt or what part you are learning at present, you must try to follow the exercises at the end of the couses. Any good course would have a set of following exercises so solidify your learning. I hope your class offers that feature.

Once you are comfortable with the exercises and have more or less completed your course, you might ask around here or pick up ANY programming book with exercises and try to do the exercises at the end of its chapters in C#. This will have a double benefit as it will help you think how to attack a problem first rather than focus on what elements of your programming language you need to use which comes in later.

All the best in your endeavours, Phil. :)

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DarrenHorton    110
The best beginners C# game programming tutorials are at 3D

You will have to pay but the video tutorials are crystal clear.

Searching for a beginners tutorial on the net is difficult because they all employ OOP concepts.

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Bedspa    132
The first programs I used to give my students as assignments in my introduction to c# scripting class were usually:
- Printing "Hello World" on the console
- Making a counter
- Making a multiple choice conversation tree
- Making a text parser
- Making an inventory program

From there we would follow the standard XNA tutorials:
- Make a blue screen
- Make a jpg appear on screen
- Make the jpg move... etc.

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