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Virtual function call to child class (Please Help)

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<SOLVED> I was doing something wrong, unrelated to what I thought the problem is..


I am writing a simple particle engine for my game, and for performance reasons, instead of having one type of particle class for every type of particle, I now rewrote the code, such that there is a Particle base class, and many Particle child classes (flash, smoke, explosion, flame).

All the different kinds of particle objects are stored in a
[CODE]std::vector<unique_ptr<Particle-base>> v_particles;[/CODE]

I want to update all the particles in one loop, like this:
void Player::update_particles()
for (v_particles_it = v_particles.begin(); v_particles_it != v_particles.end(); v_particles_it++){

Each different child class of Particle-base have their own Update() function.

I want (*v_particles_it)->Update(); to call the Update() function of each particle's respective Update() function, NOT Particle-base's Update() function.

If I don't include an Update() function for Particle-base, I get a compiler error (even though all particles in the vector are child objects), or if I define it as virtual void Update(), it only calls Particle-base's Update() function.

I don't have too much experience in inheritance, I know I am most likely doing this wrong.
Could someone please help me how I should set up the base and child class' functions so they are called the way I described above?

Thank you in advance! Edited by chondee

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