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multitexutring directx 11

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I've got a model which needs 3 different textures to be drawn properly. Some faces (triangles) uses texture 1 (lets say face 1,2,3) and some other faces uses texture two (lets say face 4,5,6) and finally faces 7,8,9 uses texture 3.

Can I draw this mesh in a single draw call, using texture arrays & multitexturing (like this: [url=""]http://www.rastertek.../dx10tut17.html[/url]) ?

what I am planning to do is :

assign mesh to the pipeline,

assign texture 1
draw call with indexes 1,2,3

assign texture 2
draw call with indexes 4,5,6

assign texture 3
draw call with indexes 7,8,9

can I do this in one draw call ?
thank you for taking time.

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If you add an attribute to each vertice containing a texture ID and bind the 3 textures to a shader you can choose which texture to sample from in the pixel shader.

If you choose to do this, output the textureID from the vertex shader to the pixel shader using the [url=""][b]nointerpolation[/b][/url] parameter.

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Putting a texture index in your vertices like Tiago suggests could work, but you would have to be careful not to share vertices among faces with different textures assigned to them. This means you might have to split some vertices, or use some other means of obtaining the texture index.

[quote name='kubera' timestamp='1329666273' post='4914524']
Maybe you would merge them into one texture.
(Texture altas should be power of two size for its mipmaps.)

Power-of-2 dimensions is not a requirement for texture atlases, or for mipmaps. Besides, he's asking about texture arrays which are a much better solution to his problem.

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