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Kinect API in C++ issues

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Ok... after MANY MANY MANY hours of smashing my head against the wall I am starting to give up hope with using Kinect in C++, all the tutorials I am trying to follow tend to have half of the code missing in the tutorial (they have step by step with a complete project that comes with it, i.e. the kinect documentation "SkeletalViewer C++ How To" so that I will be going step by step, and all of a sudden, theres code missing that is required :| so I go look at the complete project and try to impliment it, but then it requires another thing and another and another and another, then there is somthing wrong with how my program is designed so I get boned...) or the tutoiral links heavily into another API class for drawing and no matter how much I hack the code it won't get rid of its linking to the other API or it won't compile.

What I am asking is... is there ANY tutorial in this world that will show me how to get a depth and a colour frame which I can then use in what ever I want (SDL) without making it overly complex... I am not an amature C++ programmer, I just aint jesus when it comes to programming.

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