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Problem with isometric tiles.

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As the topic says im having trouble with my isometric tiles.
I got it working but cant really understand how to get the tiles to fit toghether.

My tiles are 70x34 wide atm, this because i got a whitespace between tiles when i had them 70x35. i thought i figured it out until i started drawing the graphics.
Since my bottom row of pixels is 6px straight line and the rest is 2px to the side 1 up this causes a problem to fit different tiles toghether in a fluid way.

But how do i get rid of the whitespace between the tiles?

I could post a screenshot if im not explaining good enough.

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This is the way I do tiles:

The part of the tile that is white/green alternating satisfies the twice-as-wide-as-tall requirement of a 2:1 isometric tile, and the red pixels offer "padding" that fills the cracks between tiles.


In this case, the tiles are 128x64. The tile to the bottom right of a given tile is offset by 64x32 pixels, so the spacing is easily calculated.

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