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Hi guys,
I am doing game programming and I would like to ask you guys for help on middlewares. Could you guys give me some examples of famous middlewares so that I can't transfer my game to different consoles. I'm not too sure about middlewares and I hope you guys can explain it to me, do i create it myself or what?

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Assuming today is middle school’s opposite day, I am guessing by “can’t” you meant “can”.

I am also not going to list famous middleware packages for 2 reasons:
1: They are famous. Use Google.
2: Huh?? Do you create a famous middleware package yourself? Huh??

I have no idea what you are trying to ask (and for the love of all that is holy stop calling them “middlewares”), but assuming opposite day there is some pertinent information I can give you.
You can’t transfer your games to consoles under any conditions.

1: Licenses for dev kits cost thousands.
2: They are given only to companies, never to individuals.
3: Licenses for engines (middleware packages) that support those consoles cost in the tens of thousands.

I don’t know what your question is but whatever part of it that relates to consoles can just be forgotten. It will never happen.

Note that the XNA SDK is not a middleware package. You do have the possibility to make games for a console, but given your choice of the words “middleware” and “transfer my game to different consoles” I assume this is not what you meant.

L. Spiro

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