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The good old "which one" pt.2

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Back to the good old "which language should I start with?"

After some searching, I found out that there are 2 ways to make a game.

1. Start from the scratch. Build a unique engine from the void.
2. Build the game from engines/framework (not sure which one is the right one) such as UDK, source.

I decided to stick with option 1.

Now I ask you to correct me if I'm wrong. The next steps are:

1.Learn programming logic
2.Chose a language

I'm not sure if step 1 is necessary, I've been told that I learn step 1 while I do step 2.

About the language, I can't really tell the diff. between them, so I just can't choose one. Should I learn Java? C#? Or LUA is the chosen one?
I'm walking on the fog here, I want to learn how to make games. Alone? With my mates? Work for a company? The answer for now is "Alone". But I don't wanna be stuck with myself forever.

So, which one?

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Stop over thinking it, people get into the rut you are in all the time and spend so much time questioning and planning that they accomplish nothing.

You can't really learn programming logic without a language. Id suggest [url=""]reading this[/url] then picking a tech and running with it. There are so many different distractions and choices that you will paralyzed with indecision. It's a lot like picking cars; some are good, some are bad, but in the end there are so many good choices that are all equally valid and depend on your tastes and requirements.

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