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Direct3D9 Test Application (maybe it will help someone)

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Hello, I am thinking this might help someone so... (short version: just see the attached program)

A few years ago when I started learning Direct 3d and getting in more depth into Win32 API I created a a simple application which grew, and grew, and in a couple of months I decided I knew enough and just abandoned it.. (I discovered render Monkey and other stuff)

I rediscovered today it and thought it might help someone, so I attached the executable to this post.

The application basically does this:
- it renders one object in a child window (selectable between a cube, sphere or plane)
- it has a very big menu containing all (or almos all) parameters which are settable to the fixed function pipeline so I could see the effect they have on the object in realtime (they have the same name as in the MSDN documenation)
- you can directly maniplate the world matrix, view matrix or projection matrix or you can generate this on the fly using parameters
- Upload textures and play around with the texture blending modes
- simple camera implementation which you can fly around the world (FPS style) and see the object from different sides...
- other features I do not remember..

Everything is done from scratch in C++ using win32 API in Visual Studio 2008. If you want I will upload the VS2008 project... (but beware, this application was never meant for a public release or for someone else to view the code. As I said it was an experiment with the Win32 API and Direct3D.. more like a scratchpad in which you just write random stuff to figure something out)

Here is a screenshot:


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Also some feedback on a game I want to develop for Android devices would be great. Here is the base idea url:
I wrote that right after the above D3DTest application, and that was my first on a mobile device using Win32 mobile API and Direct3D9 mobile

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