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Best method to place scars/injuries arbitrarily on a body?

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jakovo    476

I have a texture, which represents an injury with blood and all.

how would it be the best way to place it on the body of a character which has just being shot (and in the place it has been shot)?

Something like this:

maybe using decals, which would imply to move the decal's vertexes adapting to the geometry of the place were the character was shot.. and I wouldn't be able to use transparency (maybe the raincoat of the character or something?).

or in the PixelShader... passing as argument the position where the shot hit; and if it is within a certain threshold just use some math to get the corresponding UV for that specific texture?...

but I would like to ask you how would you think it would be the best way to implement something like this?


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mrhyperpenguin    468

You might want to read how Valve did wounds in Left 4 Dead 2 for inspiration.



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