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NEED HELP (general knowledge)

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r0drick    100
[size=5]hello guys i have a college project....i need to make a game me and my mate want to make an RTS game i am learning directx and my friend have knowledge in 3dsmax and photoshop ( still learning but he is good) ..... anyway i want to know what do we need to make an RTS (knowledge , tools , etc) we really want to make a game with good grahics and interface it is not supposed to be completed 100% so, please dont laugh at me :P i know makeing a game is not easy thing (its pretty hard and time consuming)....and if someone have the book introduction to game programming with directx11 can u please give me a link for it??? and thank u[/size]

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Tsus    1186

Making a game is really time-consuming, especially a RTS game…
If you want to focus on game mechanics (in order to create a game that someone might actually want to play) you shouldn’t start from scratch.
You could take a look at the [url=""]NeoAxis Engine[/url]. It has a RTS demo build-in, with all you will need: path finding, different fractions strolling over a terrain and shooting at each other. It comes along with a full asset and scene editor. So, using this engine could save you much time. (Maybe just look at it for inspiration in case you really want to write the engine behind it yourself…)


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