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Unity Need references for orbiting camera movement

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guptan    148
I am trying to make a camera animation.
The prototype which I made using unity3d works ok but I need to watch some professional quality solutions.

I need to orbit the camera around the avatar when it is killed, in a circular orbit for some time.

eg. I need to know does the obstacles on the way become translucent.
Or does the camera avoids obstacles and move towards target etc.

I know Project IGI game has this kind of animation.
If you know any other references please reply.

Sorry that I don't play games too often.

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turch    590
There are 3 separate parts to this:

1. Orbiting camera movement: this is usually done by translating the camera in the z axis and then rotating it.

2. Collision detection: you can stretch a shape from the player to the camera to detect when something gets between the camera and player.

3. Collision resolution: You can have the camera zoom a little each frame towards the player until the collision is gone, or apply some graphic effect to the objects such as transparency.

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menyo    972
I made this for C#/XNA and posted it as the first (and only) snippet on my old website. It's well documented and should help you out on making your own in unity.


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menyo    972
What do you mean by reference then? Copy/paste my code in a XNA project and put a model in the content folder of the project and you have a working orbital camera that takes gimbal lock into account. So if thats not a reference i'm not sure what it....

Pretty much each 3th person game has a camera system that you are looking for.

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turch    590
Many 3d rpg's in general: neverwinter nights, bethesda games (skyrim, fallout 3).
Also assassins creed, the splinter cell games, gears of war, even the total war games.

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