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Class design project - Work-In-Progress

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Recently I have taken up a game design project in class with one of the requirements being to post images/information in a forum about what progress I have made and how the idea is evolving. I was directed towards gameDev from my instructor due to the fact that I am working in game design unlike the rest of my class who are headed towards 3D modeling with the exception of two people.

Looking for strong feedback, critiques, and suggestions.

Design Document:
(Available by request)

(InteractiveTest) [url=""][/url]



G - Guardian
E - Evader
S - Striker

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[quote name='ThatGuyinaBlackSuti' timestamp='1329940359' post='4915620']
I am sorry, but my computer won't let use anything that plays off of Unity, so could you let me no what your game is, please and thank you.

It just shows the interactivity of the menu:
- Primary menu buttons lead to secondaries
- Button text glows when you hover over them
- Button text is color bright green when activated

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