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Proper .Volume usage?

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What is the proper usage, purpose, or ranges of the .Volume property in SlimDX.DirectSound.SoundBuffer?
(for example, i'm learning that i can't set the .volume to 500)
Does it eleminate attenuation or does it just increase the general volume and thus increase the range the sound can be herd from?

Links welcome.

Public Sub PlaySound(ByVal description As String, ByVal X As Double, ByVal Y As Double, ByVal Z As Double, Optional ByVal MyVolume As Integer = 500)
Dim Temp As Integer
description = UCase(description)
Temp = SoundList.FindIndex(Function(value As SoundListDefinition)
Return value.Description = description
End Function)
Dim SoundBufferEntryCopy As New SoundListDefinition
Device.DuplicateSoundBuffer(SoundList(Temp).Buffer, SoundBufferEntryCopy.Buffer)
SoundBufferEntryCopy.Buffer.Volume = MyVolume

Dim t As New Thread(DirectCast(Sub() PlayStoredSoundBuffer(SoundBufferEntryCopy, X, Y, Z), ThreadStart))
End Sub

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