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Play Our Latest Game: RoketPak for FREE

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The long awaited release of RoketPak has finally fallen upon us!


RoketDude - Deep Space Explorer Extraordinaire has just run into serious trouble finding himself trapped in a massive asteroid field... Desperately trying to escape the deadly rocks RoketDude gets hit head-on by a rather large asteroid and loses control. Abandoning his ship just before it smashes into another asteroid, RoketDude straps on his YR-36 Yalium-Fueled RoketPak Spacesuit and jumps out of the air-lock...


Click here to Play RoketPak on Kongregate.com


  • Collect "stardust" a very valuable mineral to get bonus points.
  • Avoid hitting asteroids and debris.
  • Collect yalium fuel cells to refuel your RoketPak.


    • If your RoketPak runs out of fuel, you will lose the game.
    • If you fly outside the red bounding lines, you will lose the game.

      How to Play:

      Use the mouse for clicking the blue menu buttons, and using the options widgets.

      Press the X key to activate the jets on the RoketPak, and to toggle from idle to moving states.

      Press left or right arrow keys to make RoketDude steer in that direction.

      Would love c&c, and love even more if you could rate the game on Kongregate. I'm not blatantly asking for highest stars, I just want to get the game out of the initial under judgement that new games go through until they have X number of ratings/plays, so rate whatever you think its worth.

      Thanks for your support!

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