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Rafael Fernandez

[WIP] Emerge-NYC (NYC Emergency Services MMORPG)

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Hey guys im new here. Im here to ask help from the professionals and to present a concept in the works of mine. Im an experienced 3D Modeller, Texturer, UV mapper, and Audio Designer. Im not one of the people presenting an Idea for other people to work on for them. Im doing this almost alone but id like to add more people to my team if possible. Its not paid for now but once we finish the profit from memberships will be enough. I am the developer of the most famous modification for the game Emergency 4 called the Manhattan modification. www.manhattan-mod.org/
[font=times new roman,times,serif]Its [/font]all new models, Scripts, and Textures so this mod kind of set me and my team up for a full Stand alone game. So were going for it. Its an MMORPG Emergency game. The FDNY EMS and NYPD. I realize the amount of effort time and dedication that goes into games and were willing to take it or at least try. Heres some of my concept below. The full thing is 10 pages. The map is large scale based on the brooklyn downtown area. Its already 50% done and so are the vehicles, physics, camera scripts, and some animations. We basically need help with Character rigging (I know how to do most of these just dont have the time to do em all alone) Programming, MMORPG Network and Server Creation,
Triggers, Particle Creations and some help with 3D modelling and texturing on my part would be nice.

[font="Viner Hand ITC, cursive"]EGAMD[/font][font="Times New Roman, serif"] [/font][font="Times New Roman, serif"][size="2"][size=2]presents[/font][font="Times New Roman, serif"] [/font][font="Modern No. 20, serif"][size="6"]

Emerge-NYC Online[/font]

Name: [font="Elephant, serif"][size="4"]Emerge-NYC Online[/font]
Website: Emerge-nyc.com
Developers: [font="Viner Hand ITC, cursive"]EGAMD[/font][font="Times New Roman, serif"] (Emergency Game & Modding Developers)[/font]
Year: 2012-2013
Game Engine: Unity
Network Host: SmartFoxServer 2x
Max Players: 50 Persons per server
Number of active servers: 3

EGAMD Team as of 2-23-12

Team Leader: Rafael Fernandez

Modelers: Rafael Fernandez, Joshua Hannah, Sven Taddey

Texturers: Rafael Fernandez, Ashley Dyson

Scripters/Programmers: Rafael Fernandez, B2bomber

Map Editors: Rafael Fernandez

Audio Designers: Rafael Fernandez

Options are as followed:



NYPD Units from 2 precincts: Impala, Crown Vic, Dodge Charger (Photos are what Precinct Models will be based off)

NYPD Player Assignments:

Cadet 0-5 Hours online
Probationary Police Officer 5-15 Hours online
Sergeant 15-30 Hours online
Lieutenant 30-40 Hours online
Captain 40-50 Hours online
Inspector 50-60 Hours online

Inventory Items

Police Barrier
Stun Gun

[size="5"]FDNY & EMS

FDNY Units from 3 Firehouses: (Photos are what Firehouse Models will be based off)


Engine 168 – 4 Persons
Ladder 75 – 4 Persons
Battalion 36 – 2 Persons
Total= 10


Engine 87 -4 Persons
Ladder 139 -4 Persons
Total= 8


Ladder 63 -4 Persons
Battalion 52 -2 Persons
Total= 6


Engine 135 -4 Persons

Total= 4

Max FDNY Players will be 28 Players

Each firehouse will include in its interior:
Animated Garage doors and Exit doors
A kitchen
A bathroom
A Lounge
Sleeping room
Chief or Lieutenants office

FDNY Player assignments:

Probie 0-10 Hours online
Firefighter 10-30 Hours online
Lieutenant/Captain 30-50 Hours online
Battalion Chief 50-100 Hours online
Division Chief 100-MAX Hours online

EMS Options are as followed:

Ambulance, MERV, EMS Chief (MTBA)

Same rank structure as FDNY

Inventory Items for FDNY & EMS

Halligan Tool (Axe)
Halligan Tool (Crowbar)
Fire extinguisher
Fire hose
SCBA Tank and Mask
Medical Equipment
Bunker Gear

FDNY Calls will vary from Rescues to fires and to false alarms as well. When the Dispatch officer at your firehouse sounds the tones and your apparatus is on an assignment you must go to the bunker gear rack and change into your bunker gear and put on your helmet. The way things will work in the Apparatus is very specific. Every hour the Chalkboard will change randomizing assignments. Such as Chauffeur (who is driving & must be at least a firefighter, will have control of the air horn) The lieutenant will sit in the Passengers seat and will control the sirens manually. The lieutenant and Driver must work together using the warning sirens to clear streets and sometimes going down 1 way streets. Those who are not assigned to Chauffeur, Dispatch Officer, Battalion Chief Aid, or Acting Lieutenant will open the garage doors and walk outside to make sure it is clear for the apparatus to pull out without hitting anyone or anything. Once clear the Apparatus must pull out and stop to wait for the men blocking the road and proceed. The rest of the crew sits in the back 4 seats. The Lieutenant is in charge of his apparatus and will also be in charge of radio communication between dispatch and his own unit or other units to his unit. When responding it is the Chauffeur's responsibility to drive at a safe speed while still at responding speed. If the Chauffeur is to hit a pedestrian or a car they will be given 3 warnings before an indefinite ban. Upon arrival there are 2 options. If you are first due the Chauffeur may park in a strategic place near the situation. If you are called in as back up and there is a staging area you must report to the staging area. When it comes to being the Battalion Chief Aid it is important to listen to him. If the Battalion is called out the Battalion Chief Aid is to drive the Battalion SUV while the chief is on the radio and going over constant updates of the situation. Sirens are up to the Aid which is a hard task. The Aid can only be a firefighter. As a Battalion Chief you are in charge of the entire firehouse. Everything is on you and you will begin to realize the responsibility in front of you. The city doesn’t run on its own. It requires legitimate participation from each and everyone of the 50 Players. At the firehouse you have your office and on scene you have your Command Post where the other Battalion Chief can communicate with you and your crews.


[size="2"][size=2]Requirements: MUST HAVE A MIC
[size="2"][size=2]Rank must be at least a Lieutenant
[size="3"]Dispatchers have probably the most responsibility in the virtual world. When an emergency occurs an automatic message will pop up on their GUI computer of what and where. Then its up to them to properly forward the message to the nearest and most beneficial units while also preserving the unused units as something else could occur and leaving them on standby. There is one Dispatcher in the city while there is 1 for each fire house. The one in each fire house is to report to their dispatchers office where they also have a GUI computer receiving the message from the superior dispatcher. There they will sound tones for the corresponding units and are required to read off the situation over the mic and the address as well. A set of streets, avenues etc that will be on the map is below:

[size="2"][size=1]Sutton st
[size="2"][size=1]Wigley st
[size="2"][size=1]Tillary St
[size="2"][size=1]Adams St
[size="2"][size=1]Cadman Plaza West
[size="2"][size=1]Flatbush Avenue
[size="2"][size=1]Fulton Mall
[size="2"][size=1]Duffield St
[size="2"][size=1]Bridge St
[size="2"][size=1]Tech Place
[size="2"][size=1]Gold St
[size="2"][size=1]Myrtle Ave
[size="2"][size=1]Navy St
[size="2"][size=1]Metrotech Roadway
[size="2"][size=1]Wiloughby st
[size="2"][size=1]Clark st
[size="2"][size=1]Johnson st
[size="2"][size=1]Joralemon st
[size="2"][size=1]Fair st
[size="2"][size=1]Monument Walk
[size="2"][size=1]Ashland Place
[size="2"][size=1]Livingston st
[size="2"][size=1]Schermerhorn st
[size="2"][size=1]State st
[size="2"][size=1]Atlantic Avenue
[size="2"][size=1]Smith st
[size="2"][size=1]Atlantic Avenue
[size="2"][size=1]Smith st
[size="2"][size=1]Boerum st
[size="2"][size=1]Dean st
[size="2"][size=1]Pacific st
[size="2"][size=1]Dekalb Ave
[size="2"][size=1]Hudson Ave
[size="2"][size=1]Fulton St
[size="2"][size=1]St Felix st
[size="2"][size=1]St Edwards st
[size="2"][size=1]Hoyt st
[size="2"][size=1]Elm Place
[size="2"][size=1]Bond st
[size="2"][size=1]Grove Pl
[size="2"][size=1]Bergen st
[size="2"][size=1]Cathedral Pl
[size="2"][size=1]Chapel st
[size="2"][size=1]Concord st
[size="2"][size=1]Brooklyn Bridge Blvd
[size="2"][size=1]St Edwards st
[size="2"][size=1]Joy st

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This looks like a great idea!, Couple of questions:

What perspective is the game played in? (1st/3rd)
Are all the players NYPD/NYFD or are some civilians?
Is your website down?

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