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Judd Steven Garcia

JPanel switching? Please help a newbie...

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Hello! I need help in trying to switch JPanels in one JFrame. So far my game has two JPanels. One(MainMenu) is the main menu and the other is the actual game(GameFrame). I would like it so that when I push the ENTER key from the main menu, it removes the MainMenu panel and switch it to the GameFrame panel. I am suppose to use a CardLayout but I have not found any tutorial that I understand. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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You need 3 JPanels.

1 that uses the card layout
1 for your main menu
1 for your game

Add the JPanels for the menu and for the game to the jpanel that uses the cardlayout , pass an identifying string along with them.
mainPanel = new JPanel(new CardLayout());

When you wish to change the visible JPanel you grab the layout from the main panel (The one that uses the card layout) using:
CardLayout layout = (CardLayout)(mainPanel.getLayout());
and then change the visible panel using"GamePanel");

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