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Did your AA prepare you for a BS in Compute Science properly?

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I've posted here before about Computer Science degrees, and what was there, what wasn't, and what I need to do.
I'm currently getting my AA in Broward College (formerly Broward Community College), with the intent of either going to University of Florida, or Florida Atlantic University, the linked school to Broward College.

Basically, I feel like my AA program isn't preparing me for my Junior and Senior classes, in my currently plan, I'm only takin' two programming classes, Calculus up to 3, and two terms of physics.

Does anyone have experience turning their AA into a BS for Computer Science, and want to share me with good/bad news? 'Cause I might have the chance to go to FAU as a sophomore, and obviously, this would me more beneficial to me than a community college, but also more expensive.

If I have the chance, I'll take it, and obviously, most people won't have a true idea unless they know Broward college, but every school I've talked to has basically said "-shrug- You'll be fine", which to me just makes it seem like they want me as a student.

And maybe I'm over reacting, maybe I will be fine.

PS: This is FAU's requirements for an AA degree transfer http://www.ceecs.fau.edu/computer-science/computer-science-admission-requirements

Compared to their flowchart, http://www.ceecs.fau.edu/sites/default/files/uploaded_files/files/flowchart_bscs.pdf

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Personally I think you're fine as long as the classes are rigorous and you're learning something.

Some calculus and physics is definitely a requirement for the foundations of a computer science degree. I'd be suspect if those courses were missing.

In my first year of computer science I only took a couple of programming courses. The rest was mostly math.

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