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Boolean Algebra and Proofs

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a link to a good intro to boolean algebra? I'm trying to do my homework, and my notes and the professor's powerpoints don't work. Our textbook is no help either. I'm trying to solve problems like:[list=1]
[*] (A+B).(A+ !B) = A
[*]A.(A + B) = A
[*] A.(A +!A.B) = A
[*] A + A . B = A+B
[left]We are expected to prove them analytically using Boolean algebra laws. The ones with ! are supposed to have a bar above them according to my professor, but the ! (not) means the same thing.[/left]

[left]If someone has a good link, or could help me with this, I would really appreciate it.[/left]


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Just memorizing the [url=""]properties[/url] (e.g. distributivity, and which are pretty intuitive) and [url=""]de Morgan's[/url] seems sufficient. Using your notation: (A+B).(A+!B) = A.(A+!B) + B.(A+!B) = A.A + A.!B + B.A + B.!B = A + A.!B + A.B = A.(B+!B) = A

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