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AI for deduction games: inkognito

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hi, i think this is a problem solved, but not found the right keyword to serach in internet for it.
this is the rules: [url=""][/url]
i report what is interesting for me to implement (something similar to cluedo or mastermind)
a player has 1 identity and 1 aspect. there are 4 identitys and 4 aspects cards.
[color=#000000]When a player lands on the pawn of another player, the player whose turn it is can request to see cards. The player may ask one of the following:[/color][color=#000000]
Ask for identity cards.[/color][color=#000000]
The respondent must show 2 identity and 1 aspect card. One of these must be true.[/color] Ask for aspect cards. The respondent must show 2 aspect and 1 identity card. One of these must be true. When the player is in the same square as the ambassador he may ask any player for either 2 identity or 2 aspect cards, one of which must be true how can i guess the true identity and aspect of a player? thanks

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