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Unity Visual3d.NET.

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I do not know what Game Engine we should design our game on.

We do not need a lot of great graphics as the design of the game is like this for models.

I do not know what I should do about the Materials and the Destroy Scripts as they are Features with the Models and Art on the Project that are not on the Promo Game Play Prototype we would like to design.

I do not know what Programming we should do the Destroy Scripts with.

[color=#ff0000]Model Materials:
The Materials are in Layers.

[color=#ff0000]Model Color.
The model color is also a meterial and is like this.



[indent=2]Destroy Scripts know what Physics from what Material Name.

[indent=2]Name Example:

[indent=2]Liquid, Sand, and Metal.

[color=#ff0000]Material [color=#FF0000]Texture:
Destroy Scipts know what Material Texture from Material Texture.

Material Texture Example:

[color=#ff0000]Decal Texture:
Destroy Scripts know that is the pain decails so if the model is a object, the paint is not destroy as volumetric. If the model Decal Texture is no Decal Texture, the Artist can say Decal Texture as the Decal Texture Name. Destroy Scripts know that Decal Texture Name Decal Texture is not a Decal Texture.

Decal Texture Name Example:

[indent=1][What this is for is the Destroy Scripts, The Material Name is for the Destroy Scripts to say, if Destroy in any area, this is the Material that is Shown, its Physics, and Items Spawn.]

[indent=1]Example of Destroy Scripts:

[indent=1]Rocket destroys a area of a building model with Material: Buildings.

[indent=2]Destroy Scripts:

[indent=2][color=#ff0000]Physics Object Spawn:
[indent=2]Destroy Scripts knows what to Spawn that building area as Physics object. [That area of Building is Spawn as a Object with Material Physics.]

[indent=2][color=#ff0000]Spawn Material Items:
[indent=2]Spawn Building Material Items. [Material Items Spawn, destroy things etc.. Players can inventory the Items that Spawn. If a Spawn is a Physics Object.].

[indent=2][color=#ff0000]Apply Physics:
[indent=2]Apply Physics to Physics Object that Spawns and all Spawn Material Items. [Building Material Physics.].

[indent=2][color=#ff0000]Texture Material:
[indent=2]Destroy Scripts know what color area of the texture is, apply that texture to the Spawn Physics Object, and Spawn Material Objects. This is for the Destroy Scripts. The Destroy Scripts know what color to tint the Material Texture to, and the Decal Texture would Destroy where the Destroy area is and Mount to that Spawn Objects. If their is a Custom Decal Layer on the Decal Texture from Players of something like grass paint on a vehicle and sand etc, the Destroy Scripts would Destroy this area and mount it to the Spawn Objects. The Texture Material is like this so that if a tree hits a plane, tree scratches through plane Plane Paint Layer that is actually the Decal Texture Layers, and Custom Decal Texture Layers, and shows the Material Texture layer that is "Metal" and that can show scratches and the shiny metal is shown through, this is the PUYA 3d Game Design.

That is a Example of the Materials and what the Destroy Scripts do with them.
That is the Materials GDD's. I know that it is simple somewhat, though you should know that the example of the tree scratching the plane is that the Decal Texture and the Custom Decal Texture are scratch with a pixel destroy script for that, and for that, the srver would need to make a texture copy of all vehicles and models that are spawn.

That is a lot of work for a 3d Engine, and a Server. Though the effects of sand htting it, the plane wheels getting dirt on them from the destroy scripts mounting physics objects spawns fro the sand etc., and that plane flying through the grass and getting the grass paint on it, makes that lot of work, great.

Its how I want to do the Materials. What I would like to know from all of this, is how do I make this for the Prototype.

PUYA 3d Projects.

[indent=1][color=#FF0000]The Promo Game Play Prototype.
This is what we would like to work on.

[indent=2]Character WDSA Movement.
[indent=2]Game Play Basics.
Make tiny island.
Make a tree on it.
Make Multiplayer Web Player and Spawn.
Make AI Spawn.
[indent=2]Promo Web Player

[indent=1]Game Play Prototype.
[indent=2]Advanced Game Play Features.

[indent=2]Prototype Features.

[indent=1]Advanced Prototype.
[indent=2]Advanced Prototype Features.
[indent=2][color=#ff0000]Destroy Scripts.
[indent=3]The Destroy Scripts we design.

[indent=1]PUYA 3d Islands.
[indent=2]PUYA 3d islands Features.

That is what we would like to do for the Prototypes etc..
What I would like to know is how I should do the Programming for the Destroy Scripts as we do not design all of the Destroy Scripts for the [color=#ff0000]Promo Game Play Prototype.

Should I say to our PUYA 3d Art Team to make the models with the Materials and all that or should we just make the Destroy Scripts in the [color=#ff0000]Promo Game Play Prototype. , or what. I do not know what I should do for that.

Should the Destroy Scripts design with C#, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Lua, and IronPython.

That is the Programming with Visual3d.NET Game Engine, and Unity 3d Game Engine.

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