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2D mesh rotation

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I do:
for x < 128
for z < 128
returns a height map (y).
now I'd want to rotate (opengl glpoints glvertex2f) that with a given angle around the centre.
Any ideas/help?
Many thanks

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Build the mesh exactly the way you have, but before the rendering of the mesh do:

Move the center of height map to (0,0,0).
[CODE]glTranslatef(-64, 0, -64);[/CODE]
Rotate around the y-axis.
[CODE]glRotatef(angleInDegree, 0,1,0);[/CODE]
Move back to the original position.
[CODE]glTranslate(64, 0, 64);[/CODE]

Okay… and since we are in OpenGL land, you actually have to do it in the reverse order. [img][/img]
[CODE]glTranslate(64, 0, 64);
glRotatef(angleInDegree, 0,1,0);
glTranslatef(-64, 0, -64);[/CODE]

(The matrices are pushed on a stack. What came last is executed first.)


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