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SDL on PSP [pspSDK]

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sheep19    494
Hi. I have recently downloaded pspsdk, compiled some of the samples provided and now I want to try SDL.

However I am having trouble compiling my code, this looks like:

#include <pspkernel.h>
#include <pspdebug.h>
#include <pspdisplay.h>
#include <pspctrl.h>
#include <pspkerneltypes.h>
#include <psppower.h>
#include <SDL/SDL.h>
PSP_MODULE_INFO("Hello world", 0, 1, 1);
int main(int argc, char *argv[])

return 0;

I know that some methods are missing - those callbacks. However I saw someone using allegro on the internet that didn't use it so I thought it would work.

And this is my make file (which I found on a forum)
TARGET = hello
OBJS = main.o

PSPSDK = $(shell psp-config --pspsdk-path)
PSPDEV = $(shell psp-config -d)
SDL_CONFIG = $(PSPBIN)/sdl-config

CFLAGS = -O2 -G0 -Wall -D PSP
CFLAGS += $(shell $(SDL_CONFIG) --cflags)
CXXFLAGS = $(CFLAGS) -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti

LIBS = -lstdc++ -lSDL_ttf -lfreetype -lSDL_image -ljpeg -lpng -lz -lm -lSDL_mixer -lvorbisidec -lmikmod -lmad
LIBS += -lpspaudiolib -lpspaudio -lpsppower


include $(PSPSDK)/lib/build.mak

I compiled the code with the command:
[b]vsmake >> a.txt[/b]
to see the output in a text file.

This is the result:

A lot of undefined references...

Anyone knows what I have to do to make it compile? (and run)

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