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Mark Hans Avon

What is a "dialogue environment" called (RPG-like dialogue boxes, etc...) and where would I start?

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Hello there,

I'm not new to programming, I've created a 3D Demo Game before in dark basic pro, not that that should be so impressive, but I thought it was a great learning experience.

I want to get back into programming, but I'd like to start and focus mainly on dialogue boxes and creating a kind of "dialogue environment"...? I guess...? I really don't know what to call it, or where to find resources on manipulating dialogue and creating a click and drop scripting environment in where you could create events.

It seems so simple and yet there are so many things to get into to make a system simple. Right now I'm looking into Blender with Python, but I'm looking more into the mechanics behind something like this, so I might experiment with coding dialogue systems in C.

If anyone takes the time to help, thanks,

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Are you talking about a dialogue box for a 3d environment?

Well; something you could look into:


For someone who's starting out; this guy is a pretty good resource. His tutorials are C++_centric, but they may still be useful nonetheless.

Since you do have experience programming, it's probably just a matter of learning the syntax; you can take his examples and alter them to suit your needs.

Hope it helps.

May the compiler be with you.

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