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Rotko - an epic falling game

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As you are exploring some glaciers you fall into a chasm (rotko in finnish). Your goal is to survive the dangerously epic journey through the Earth.

So, this is a free game for Windows and Linux. The idea is pretty simple but the chasms are randomly generated so every playthrough will be unique. The game has a couple of difficulties and one endless that also has an online scoreboard.

There are various graphic effects in the game, such as bloom and motion blur, as I am interested in creating complex graphics. However, the effects are not achieved by using shaders but plain OpenGL 1.1. Therefore the effects are a little heavy and need a decent graphics card. But because of that the game can still run with lower graphics settings on pretty much any computer.

I have also created a small video trailer for this game. Here are the screenshots and last one is a link to the trailer on YouTube:
rotko1small.jpg rotko2small.jpg rotko3small.jpg rotko4small.jpg

Download Windows version
Download Linux version

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