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FPS movement question

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Hey guys

So basically, how do you move the camera??
I used to just basically use WM_LBUTTONDOWN to invoke SetCapture() and save the current mouse position, and then, in WM_MOUSEMOVE, i just capture the new mouse position and get the difference as dx and dy for the movement.

But i just want to move the camera without the need to press LMB every time(like in a real FPS shooter).

So what is wrong with my current code??

return 0;

return 0;


mOldMousePos = mMousePos;
mMousePos.x = (int)LOWORD(lparam);
mMousePos.y = (int)HIWORD(lparam);

mCameraDx = mMousePos.x - mOldMousePos.x;
mCameraDy = mMousePos.y - mOldMousePos.y;

return 0;

mMousePos is initially initialized as (0,0) and both it and mOldMousePos are ::POINT members.

my current problem with this code is that it is moving SO SLOWLY every two seconds or so. It is not in real-time

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Im not an expert with Windows, but that code looks fine. How are you handling your Messages? (DispatchMessage(),etc) Why not use RawInput?

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