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Feedback: Programmer Portfolio

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Hello fellow gamedevs,

At this moment I am busy with finding a good internship position as programmer, preferably in graphics department to gain more experience and knowledge.

So I'm working on my portfolio and would love to receive some feedback.

If some of you have some spare time please check: http://www.bondarev.nl and leave some feedback.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Valdimir,

I'd can the "links" section.
It really is irrelevant to your portfolio. Your target audience is potential employers, they really won't care about a few forums or sites.

On your resume my OCD sense is tingling.
The content of the left column quite often doesn't line up with the right column. (In Chrome at least).

As for the projects, looks good overall. No particular criticism atm.

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This is pretty good. If you can't get a game job with a portfolio like that then something is wrong with the world. There's nothing wrong with those demos at all - they show great variety and everything that matters.

If you can put videos of your first three games on...I would do that. Doesn't matter if they are your earlier demos.

I had a little trouble getting the vimeo video up as quick as the others.

I would agree the links section of your website is unnecessary given it's a portfolio, but as it's also a web page it doesn't look too out of place. I don't think its presence will really matter to be honest. I would ask yourself how much value you feel it adds and go from there with regard to a decision.

I also viewed with Chrome and got the same, vertical alignment of text problem as mentioned above.

Interesting to see your references. These have value as many people will have heard of these folk. Brian taught me C64 programming about 20 years back - there are plenty of people in the EU game industry that know Brian, so don't be surprised if that comes up in interview.

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Thank you for your time guys.
as soon as i get back home ill fix next things:
-text alignment problem.
-remove the "links" section.
-add youtube videos of remaining games.

Its really cool to hear that people know Brian. Makes me even more proud of my University.

to Azgur: I looked at alot of different portfolio->resume and liked your structuring the most. So thats true, i took yours as example. thanks ;)

More feed back if there is please!

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