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amile duan

Estimation Doubt of Fox Render Farm

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Since the most concerned issue from artists and designers who decide to use a Render Farm would be SECURITY and PRICE. Let’s talk about PRICE issue here today.
Once, a client asked me to estimate for his project. First, he asked me how much it would take to render 10 still images in our render farm. I asked him how long it took to render 1 frame on his machine and what his machine spec was. He told me, and I did the estimation for him. Then after 2 days, he asked me how much it would take if he wanted to render a 5 minutes animation. I still asked the same question.
The reason why I ask so many questions about your machine spec because I’m trying to be responsible. Every client renders different scenes, some scenes are simple and some scenes are complicated. Every client may use different processor to render their scenes, some will be faster and some will be slower. If I’m going to do an estimation for you, how can I do that more precisely without knowing any information about your scene files and machine spec? Actually our first suggestion is always “You can register on our website and do a free testing for your project.” YES! Once you register on our website, you will have 20 credits to experience our platform and do the estimation for your project.
Fox Render Farm is one of the leading online render farm service provider. Based on cloud-computing technology, we currently have over 200 servers allowing us to provide you with a professional 24/7 rendering service. Our services can be accessed globally by our customers through any internet service.
Honestly, the estimation from the system is far more precised than the one I do for you. And you can also get to understand how our system works. If the credits are not enough for your testing, tell us! We will add more in your account!
Speaking of this, I have to stress again, rendering simple scenes (it means it only take 10-60 seconds to render 1 frame on your machine) usually takes more time in our system because the time of running software maybe longer than the actual rendering time. We are figuring whether we can minus this software-running time out of rendering time so that we can save the cost for you. We are trying to take some measures because we don’t want to lose any clients for this problem.
Our website is: www.foxrenderfarm.com

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