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Need help with atribute buffer DX9 C++

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I am confused with DrawIndexedPrimitive() DX9. I am myself create Attribute Buffer, create Vert Buffer and Index Buffer. But 3D model don`t render properly. What is the matter? What I draw my model of room without attribute buffer- it draw properly. But if I use my attribute buffer its draw not correct.

Indices Array arranged by material. That is for example:
Mat #1 - > face 1, face 2, face 3
Mat #2 -> face 4, face 5, face 6 etc.
And indices array contain:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc.

My code:

pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr = new D3DXATTRIBUTERANGE[pTR2RoomMesh.nNumMat];
for(UINT k=0; k<pTR2RoomMesh.nNumMat; k++)
set <int> myset;
for(UINT j=0; j< v[k].size(); j++)
//calculate count of vertex in attribute buffer k
UINT v1, v2, v3;
UINT face = v[k][j].face;
v1 = pTR2RoomMesh.pIndicesArrayNew[face*3];
v2 = pTR2RoomMesh.pIndicesArrayNew[face*3 + 1];
v3 = pTR2RoomMesh.pIndicesArrayNew[face*3 + 2];
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].AttribId = k;
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].VertexStart = pTR2RoomMesh.pIndicesArrayNew[vn[k][0].face*3];
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].VertexCount = vn[k].size() * 3 ;// (DWORD) myset.size();
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].FaceStart = vn[k][0].face;
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].FaceCount = (DWORD) vn[k].size();
//draw room
for (int i = 0; i < Level->NumRooms; i++)
for(int k = 0; k < pTR2RoomMesh.nNumMat; k++)
m_pD3DDevice->SetStreamSource( 0, pTR2RoomMesh.pVB, 0, sizeof(LEVEL_VERTEX) );
m_pD3DDevice->SetIndices( pTR2RoomMesh.pIB );
m_pD3DDevice->DrawIndexedPrimitive( D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST,
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].VertexStart, //MinIndex
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].VertexCount, //NumVertices
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].FaceStart*3, //StartIndex
pTR2RoomMesh.pAttr[k].FaceCount ); //NumPrimitives

Thanks in advance!

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