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Light shafts problem

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Hi guys.

I am trying to achieve simple light shafts effect and have some weird problem with it.


As you can see the 3/4 of the effect look quite good but there are weird streaks going top left. This is the HLSL code:

[source]float2 texCoords=input.TexCoords;
float4 pos=lightPos;

float2 dir=(texCoords-pos.xy)/SAMPLES;
float3 sum=0.0f;
float add=1.0f;
for(int i=0;i<SAMPLES;i++)
float val=tex2D(tex, texCoords).rgb;

return float4(sum, 1.0f);[/source]

Screen space position of the light looks good. I have no idea what is wrong.

Any advice please?

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I don't see how a post effect can make a realistic shaft effect with that length. I would make it with deferred rendering by drawing the positions as colors for the front and back side. Then I would sample both images and calculate the amount of light on the fog.

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