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OpenGL Display points in cartesian system with OpenGL

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Hello, my name is Dimitris Sgourdos and I have a project for my university.
I need to display a set of 3d points in cartesian system.
I use visual studio 2010. But I read many tutotrials but I cannot find a way. More specific I try to compile their examples like from
for example,
and I take some unresolved external problems.
Can someone direct me how can I display the points using c++ and visual studio 2010?
I would appreciate your help cause I try to "swim in an ocean" and I'm not so experienced as I'm still in the university.
I had tried and tried for days to find something that I can use but I didn't.

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Hi Dimitris,

Try looking at the sample code from this tutorial written on NatureWizard:
It sounds a little fancy, but what you want to do is very similar to particle systems. Particle systems are in many cases animated,
but it seems that yours won't be, which makes it a bit easier to work with, actually.

I'm not saying you should learn about particle systems in general, but try to import this guys' code into Visual Studio.
Should be easy even if you're fairly new to C++ and OpenGL. It's all about setting up an opengl project, and referring to include dirs, libraries and adding linker options.

From there you should just mess around with the code. Put in new values.
If you don't know C++ and haven't got any prior OpenGL experience, what you're asking for is not just that easy to explain, -obviously ;).
But his code looks simple. So try to give it a shot.

I googled some good resources for you. Check out:
Basic opengl reference code: http://www.swiftless...opengltuts.html
More in-depth on particle systems: http://3dgep.com/?p=1057
Good resources: http://www.opengl.or.../Code_Resources
- Which points to http://www.opengl.or...cles/index.html (The first particle tutorial i ever read for OpenGL, check that out!)

Aaand maybe this one: http://fullonsoftwar...ointSprites.pdf
(it's sorta intended for Visual Studio it seems)

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You're welcome! :D I'm sure you'll get familiar with the basics quickly. -Otherwise just post again or send a pm.

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If all you want is displaying a bunch of (colored) points (and don't care about them all being square and the same size), don't need to draw a billion points and don't insist on using only core functions of the latest OpenGL version (which got rid of all the easy and convenient functions)

just use glBegin(GL_POINTS), dump all your points into glVertex3d calls and forget about texturing and other unnecessary stuff.

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