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sdl help

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i have decided to work with sdl and opengl instead of direct x (for now) and am having some trouble. I have recently converted to linux about a month ago and still figuring things out. my question is, i am using code::blocks and i havent found a toutorial on how to set up the sdl stuff for it (on linux anyways) so i want to knwo if anyonw knows or could send me to a toutoral...

Thanks, cheers :)

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Don't cut and paste files on Linux, its a bad idea in general.

What distribution are you using ?

If you are using Debian / Ubuntu or some derivate of either then you should use the package manager and install these:
For opengl you probably also want these:

Then rightclick on your project (in code::blocks) , select build options, click the linker tab and add the libraries you're using.

(You should install code::blocks using the package manager aswell, and possibly also the build-essentials package (not sure if its installed automatically when you install code::blocks or not), Don't build stuff from source, it tends to become quite painful to uninstall applications cleanly when you do. (unless you build them as a restricted user and keep them fully contained in your home folder)

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Which version of code::blocks?
Afaik you can use the template for SDL Applications. It's in File->New->Project->SDL Project.
Lazyfoo have some good tutorials on using SDL.

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