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Ship Sinker - Working game; please review

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Skibum    122
Salutations and good evening.

I thought I'd post my first XNA game and see what the community thought. This is a C#, XNA 4.0 game I created over the last few weeks. The graphics are very simple and leave a lot to be desired but it's a working game.

I created it in C# using the XNA 4.0 studio and it should have all of the files to open it up in Visual Studio Express 2010. The game is a simple clone. Start a game, place your ships, take turns shooting until someone wins. Seemed easy enough weeks ago when I started it but now it's working well enough to see what others think while I'm wrapping up the code.

What I'm after are developers with a bit more experience that have a bit of time to check it out and provide some pointers as to how to make the code better though, of course, anyone can offer suggestions.

Subversion command to download : svn checkout ship-sinker-read-only

[url=""]Main source file if you just want to look[/url].

Thank you for your time!


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