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StretchBlt flickering

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I have a backbuffer class, objects of which I can draw to, and then have the buffer BitBlt itself to a destination HDC quite happily, with no problems.

I want to display varying levels of zoom, so I'm trying to also implement a present function which uses StretchBlt to copy a rectangle from the buffer's bitmap to a differently shaped rectangle on the destination window's HDC.

The problem I'm having that that it draws the bitmap really dark every other frame, for reasons I can't work out. This happens even if I only draw to the buffer once, when the program starts, and then blit that same bitmap every time without clearing it.

Here is how I create my Backbuffer:

BackBuffer::BackBuffer(HDC destination, int width, int height, COLORREF background)
m_destDC = destination; // get a handle to the device context of the window so we can draw
m_width = width;
m_height = height;
m_bufDC = CreateCompatibleDC(m_destDC); // create the buffer's own device context that is compatible with the destination's DC
m_hSurface = CreateCompatibleBitmap(m_destDC, width, height); // create a bitmap compatible with the window's DC bitmap format
m_hOldObject = (HBITMAP)SelectObject(m_bufDC, m_hSurface); // select the bitmap object, and store the old object so we can put it back when we're finished
m_background = background;

SetStretchBltMode(m_destDC, COLORONCOLOR);


and here is my backbuffer->present() code:

void BackBuffer::present(RECT& bufferRect, RECT& destRect, bool clearFlag)
StretchBlt(m_destDC, destRect.left, destRect.top, destRect.right - destRect.left, destRect.bottom - destRect.top,
m_bufDC, bufferRect.left, bufferRect.top, bufferRect.right - bufferRect.left, bufferRect.bottom - bufferRect.top, SRCERASE);
if (clearFlag) clear();

At the moment, I draw to the buffer once, just after it's created (just a bit of text and a coloured rectangle) and then capture WM_PAINT and present it then.

Each frame alternates with this:


and then this:


As you can see, on the alternate frames it is drawing, just really dark for some reason.

Any ideas?

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It's amazing how taking an hour away from your code can work wonders. I came back to see if there were any replies, took one look at the thread and spotted it immediately.

In my StretchBlt statement, I had SRCERASE in there (lack of attention when letting the intellisense complete things I think). Replacing that with SRCCOPY fixed it.

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