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Vilem Otte

OpenCL array of arrays

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I'd like to ask if anyone has passed an array of structures like this to OpenCL:

struct CPrimitiveContainer
uint32_t mPrimitiveCount;
uint32_t *mPrimitives;

I actually thought off a solution some time back (I even used it on CPU to still achieve 2-bytes per KDTree node on 64-bits machines), I wonder whether this one is actually the only solution right now... :

struct CPrimitiveContainer
uint32_t mPrimitiveCount;
uint32_t mPrimitivesPtr;

uint32_t mPrimitiveIDsCount;
uint32_t *mPrimitiveIDs

So, I actually pass array of CPrimitiveContainer and array of unsigned integers (where the mPrimitivesPtr is index where the primitive IDs begin in mPrimitiveIDs array.

This works and seems (to me) to be only way to transfer arrays of arrays (of arrays of ....) to OpenCL (which is quite logical - as I can't just pass pointer and hope that it will work, as all data transfered to VRAM has different address than in RAM).

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