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sword of the samurai

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like to ask some of the more seasoned vets here their opinion and make a proposition.
i've always been fascinated by this old game by microprose.
Sword of the samurai.
If some of you old timers have played the game,how much coding do you wager went into this ?
With today's tools,is it possible to make the game as a one man show.
If possible,what is the time frame this can be coded in and what would it cost you.
having done basic c++ game engine programming(3D buzz vtm's) i think i can manage some aspects but the entire project still looks overwhelming.
I need a very experienced guide to help mentor me,someone who could knock this out blind folded (may be a retired coder or a whiz kid )
Finally,how much money would you think is fair trade for such guidance / mentorship.
This is not a commercial project. Just a personal hobby project i wanted to get done over the years.
thank you so much for your time.


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I think the scope of this game isn't the programming so much as it's the setup of the story, setting all the possible interactions, all the graphics that need to be drawn.

That game is like many games in one. There's the arcade sword-fighting portion, the RTS/turn-based style battles, the resource management, and the personal advancement portion. I would suggest concentrating on one piece of the game and go from there.

BTW, one of the "Additional Programmers" for this game is Sid Meier, who is now a big-shot in the game world.

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Yes, i've been told that.
Was just hoping to rope in an experienced hand (for money).
Will post my progress.

Once again thanks for your input.


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