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onFrameMove and jerky camera

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem, I use DXUT and at times when I move my camera, it's jerky.
I use these callback :
DXUTSetCallbackFrameMove (OnFrameMove, scene);
DXUTSetCallbackD3D11FrameRender (OnFrameRender, scene);

void WINAPI OnFrameMove( double fTime, float fElapsedTime, void* pUserContext ) {
Scene &s = *static_cast<Scene*>(pUserContext);
// if the camera move
s.pCamera.frameMove(fElapsedTime); // update the position
s.pCamera.render(); // compute the matrix
s.pCamera.renderReflection(s.pWaterPlane->getHeight()); // compute the matrix of reflection

//move the water
s.pShaderWater.setWaterMove(s.pShaderWater.getWaterMove() + 0.0001f);
if(s.pShaderWater.getWaterMove() > 1.0f)
s.pShaderWater.setWaterMove(s.pShaderWater.getWaterMove()- 1.0f);

The message callback :
LRESULT CALLBACK WindowProc(HWND hWnd, UINT msg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam,bool *pbNoFurtherProcessing,void *pUserContext)
Scene &s = *static_cast<Scene*>(pUserContext);
switch( msg ) {
switch(wParam) {
case VK_UP : s.pCamera.setMoveForward(true);break;
case VK_DOWN : s.pCamera.setMoveBackward(true);break;
case VK_LEFT: s.pCamera.setMoveLeft(true);break;
case VK_RIGHT : s.pCamera.setMoveRight(true);break;
case 'A': s.pCamera.setMoveUp(true);break;
case 'Z' : s.pCamera.setMoveDown(true);break;
case WM_KEYUP:{
switch(wParam) {
case VK_UP : s.pCamera.setMoveForward(false);break;
case VK_DOWN : s.pCamera.setMoveBackward(false);break;
case VK_LEFT: s.pCamera.setMoveLeft(false);break;
case VK_RIGHT : s.pCamera.setMoveRight(false);break;
case 'A': s.pCamera.setMoveUp(false);break;
case 'Z' : s.pCamera.setMoveDown(false);break;
return 0;

And the move function :

void Camera::MoveForward(float p_time){
m_position.z+=m_speed * p_time;

and in my function onFrameRender , i draw the differents objects of my scene one by one.

in 7 sec my camera jumps:

An idea of this problem?

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