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Sayid Ahmed

New Browser MMO Dev

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Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I'm going to be making an MMO browser game from mainly PHP and MySQL (and hopefully some javascript or ajax in the future for some UI and all that crap) for the sake of fun and adventure and glory of making a successful website. The game is going to be a military strategy game but with a strong emphasis on economics and political simulation, in order to encourage co-operation and competition and roleplay. It's going to be aimed at a more 'mature' audience than your average browser game player as it's going to be less flash and more substance (probably the biggest challenge?). Right now, I'm still exploring how PHP and MySQL will work for me, as I write mechanics and economics on paper and I try to find ways that PHP can simulate it.

My drive to do this is the fact that I see 99% of browser games as crap, filled with trivia and over-blown design with no strategy, no intuition, no real co-operation - I also have this problem with most MMOs. To give some perspective, Supremacy 1914 and Nation States are the only browser games I like, and EVE Online is the only MMO I love the concept of (don't have the time to play it).

Anywho, I was wondering if there's a dedicated forum to browser games or even MMO anywhere here, or some nice blogs or threads to point me in for some discussion and inspiration? Where do we discuss stuff like economics, creative forum?

I should note that I've never done programming, and my real trade is engineering.

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