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Questions on the "dynamic content loading" example on AppHub.

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[color=#4A4A4A]Hi folks,
I'm not really new to programming or XNA but I still find it hard to completely understand the "WinForms Series 2: Content Loading".
As I get it, the MainForm.LoadModel(); Unloads the current model and loads the user specified model. So according to this There is always only one model on screen.
1. My first question is, what if I want to draw several models? I guess I simply wouldn't call the Unload-method?
2. The second and most important of my questions is, what to do if I want to load the same Model several times? Let's say, three spaceships at a time? How would I tell the ContentBuilder that every time I pick a Model in the FileDialog he should create a completely new Model?
F.e.: I already tried to Load several models of the same kind by putting them into Lists. But the Problem was I somehow always had only references to my First loaded model. So basically they all were the same. And changing one of them automatically changed the referenced models.
I hope you guys get my problem.[color=#4A4A4A]
I am pretty certain that is a noob question. Still I would be thankful for any advice.
Thanks in advance.

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