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SDL Help

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I am learning SDL atm and trying to make a very basic graphics engine to make a tetris clone. I have been able to fix every bug I have made except for this one: error: SDL_Surface does not name a type.

[source]#ifndef GAMEEVENTS_H
#include "intergers.h"
class gameEvents
bool gameRunning;
SDL_Surface screen(); //Right here
void gameLoad();
void gameInit();
void gameInput();
void gameDraw();
void gameUpdate();
void gameClean();
bool gameState();

This little bug has had me stalled for at least 6 Hours. -.-
Any help is appreciated.

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gameEvents::screen() is returning an SDL_Surface, are you sure you don't want to return a pointer to an SDL_Surface instead? If you do, that should solve your problem since the code you posted doesn't actually make use of the SDL_Surface.

Any code that actually works with an SDL_Surface will need "SDL.h" included to bring in the definition.

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