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Collsion detection with other objects

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I am trying to implement some collision detection on two OpenGL objects a player and a triangle. I have a collision detection method in a class that draws a triangle:

bool CTriangleCollision::testCollision (float x, float y, float z, float r)
float d = sqrt ((x-m_xCPos)*(x-m_xCPos) + (y-m_yCPos)*(y-m_yCPos));

if(d < r)
return true;
return false;

The parameter x has the x position of the player passed in and the same with the y parameter.

I then call this in main in my loop:

if(g_TriangleCollision.testCollision(g_Player1.getPosX(), g_Player1.getPosY(), 0 ,250))
else{ }

I have used the delete function it has flagged an error and I am not sure about the condition for my collision detection function feedback on those would be good

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